Sunday, June 6, 2010

June Fashionable Get Up!

How was your summer? Did you look fabulous? So June is here! And if you don’t know what exactly are hot and not, don’t panic because I got that covered for you. June is synonymous with Rain that’s why most women hate this month. They say rain is kill-joy or very nuisance or ruins plans but actually that’s not big of a deal if you just know what to wear. FYI, it is possible to still look fashionable during rain. So be sure to sport these rainy days outfit and accessories. Of course you should not leave your umbrella at home because you will really need it anytime or most of June days.

So I searched for items that would make you look fabulous this June. The following will really look good on you aside from the fact that these are really functional during the rainy days. Whether you are going to work or at school or on a date, you will surely not loathe rain for these chic items:

They all look great right? Definitely Chic! So go to your favorite boutique now and shop! Enjoy shopping!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Swimwear and accessories

Are you planning for your perfect summer getaway? Wait! Don’t forget to bring with you a stunning swimsuit for your beach rendezvous.  The beach is the best place to showcase fashion and colors and to be able to achieve the fashionable-summer look, you should wear something bright colored, floral and fresh looking. 
The following are perfect combos for your summer beach look:

One piece or two piece?

If you feel your tummy is not the type that you are really proud to show off, then you wear two-piece.  Or if you want something that won’t reveal it all and keep things interesting, one-piece will help you achieve that. One-piece swimwear looks perfect for the skinny type of body.

All these fabulous items are available at

And now your list is complete, get ready to experience the best summer ever!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How to achieve the Blair Waldorf Look


When I became a fan of Gossip Girl, it also made me became a fan of head bands because of Ms. Blair Waldorf. Aside from Serena, Blair is one of the characters any fashion spectator should watch out from the popular TV show. Blair is one of the Manhattan’s elite that Leighton Meester really played and portrayed it well. One factor that made Blair a star for this hit TV show is her sporting fabulous dresses. Blair’s fashion taste is like Audrey Hepburn in her movies which are very classic and glamorous. Her style is very unique compared to other stars in Gossip Girl. Indeed very unique and uber-sophisticated.

 If you are a fan of Gossip Girl and a fan of Blair’s this article will help you how to achieve the look of a fashion icon, Ms. Blair Waldorf.

1.    Dresses. Blair Waldorf’s style is all about dresses, blazers and skirts. She mostly wears dresses that are designed with bows and ruffles. Dresses, skirts and blazers are in clean lines and pleats. Go for simple but elegant dresses that are above the knees in length. This kind of fashion style reflects the Upper Side East elites-very girly and colorful. You can rarely see Blair in jeans or pants.

2.    Headbands. Blair brought back headbands into the latest trend once again. Headband is her signature accessory in Gossip Girl. So your Blair’s look won’t be complete without a headband. Her headbands are usually accessorized or designed with bows, flowers, feathers or jewels. She has a shoulder length hair and usually in curls. Her hair accessories are very colorful that blend with her dress perfectly. Blair also wears hats and scarves for her hair accessories.

3.     Heels.  When it comes to foot wear, Blair is famous with heels usually high ones. Her sophistication is complemented with the right and elegant shoes. She usually wears pumps, boots or platform. Blair is petite so the heels give her extra height. She also wears simple flat shoes.

4.    Tights and Stockings. In order to complete her girly look, Blair wears tights especially during winter. She sported a lot of tights in different colors in Gossip Girl episodes. When she wears tights, she incorporates it mostly with doll shoes or flat shoes.

So when you go out and you want to pull off a chic, elegant and fabulous look, ask What would Blair Waldorf do. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Summer Dresses


Summer is almost here! I know you have plans like going to the beach with friends or get away with your boyfriend or just hang out with friends at the mall or just around the city. And I’m sure summer is one of those seasons you would want to look hot and fabulous. And to look fabulous you should wear dresses. So, have you done your summer dress shopping list? To help you with your list and to give you an idea on what dresses are fashionable for summer, here are chic summer dresses. You will surely want to wear these dresses on your memorable summer 2010.

Garments play an important role in summer not only for making you look fab but also to keep you cool and calm. Since summer is full of hotness and discomfort so expect more sweat during this season. Be wise when you shop for your clothes. The first thing you should consider is make sure that the dress won’t make you feel discomfort and restlessness. So avoid wearing jeans for now or any tight garments. Go for something loose. That’s why dresses are perfect for summer. It makes the circulation of air in the body easier. So it would keep you calm and cool. It is best to look for clothes that are made of cotton. So that when you perspire, it will easily be absorbed by the garment. And the kind of material that you should avoid is that synthetic garment. There is a tendency that synthetics can make you develop foul odor because the clothes will not absorb that sweat and will make you feel sticky.

And oh, don’t forget your sun block.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bag of the Day: Jil Sander Slouched Shoulder Bag

Jil Sander Slouched Shoulder Bag is a classic bag for the city girls who prefer a roomy bag.  This desirable oversized style bag is made of leather and designed to slouch. This slouchy bag will give you more space and maximize the whole feature for your stuff. The design is classic and simple but will definitely compliment your Urban look. The folding effect at the top and mantled effect of the bag makes is very unique. The gold-tone hardware even makes it look very chic.  Its cowl neck slouchy part hanging off gives the bag a fantastic silhouette. The bag has a magnetic closure at the top which makes it convenient to use. It has zipped pockets for your small stuff. Jill Sander Slouched Shoulder Bag is perfect for daily use or when you are in jeans. The bag is available at $1,375.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bag of the Day: Gucci Bamboo Beads Medium Bucket Bag


If you are a ready to go woman who’s looking for a chic bag, this Gucci bag is just for you. Gucci Bamboo Beads Medium Bucket Bag is part of the Fall Winter 2009 Gucci Handbags Collection. This bag is made of calf leather; it is black with a light gold hardware. It has a single handle and a detachable shoulder strap. From the name itself, this bag has bamboo beads on the handle. The closure drawstrings are styled with tassels. The drawstrings make the bag easy to open and close. Moreover, this bag has compartments for your mobile phones or PDA. If you need more space for your stuff, the bag has a zipper expansion. This chic Gucci bag is just perfect for a woman on the go! Aside from it looks glamorous, it is very functional. You can buy this bag for $247.00 at Gucci Bag Sales.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

82nd Academy Awards Fashion

The recently concluded 82nd Academy Awards was packed with well-dressed and worst-dressed actresses and actors. The Academy Awards is one of the most awaited events not only for the film industry but also for the fashion industry. This event not only awards the best films but also the most fashionable attendees. Actors prepared for this awarding ceremony for weeks even months to be able to present themselves in the red carpet at their most fashionable way.

Let’s see some photos of the best dressed attendees in the 82nd Academy Awards:

Amanda Seyfriend looks like a princess in a fairy tale in her gold tube gown.
 Anna Kendrick looks stumblingly beautiful in her feminine touched gown.

Vera Farmiga looks lovely in her fuchsia pink gown.

 Sarah Jessica Parker looks beautiful in her Chanel gown. 
Kate Winslet shows a classic hollywood look in her silver gown. 
Miley Cyrus looks very glamorous in her neutral colored gown. 

Demi More looks very elegant in her ruffled gown by Versace. 

Cameron Diaz came with a beaded sexy gown that is certainly look amazing on her. 

Kristen Steward arrived in a simple but sexy black gown. 

Maggie Gyllenhaal looks sexy in her Dries Van Noten Gown.

Rachel Mcadams looks fashionably gorgeous in an Elie Saab gown.

 And of course Sandra Bullock, the actress who stand out during the Oscars, arrived in a detailed neutral colored gown. 

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